SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter

The ultimate in home energy management, The SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter does it all, in charge of PV production, battery storage, backup applications and Electric Vehicle charging. 

The inverter is designed to provide several benefits and features:

Lightweight and Efficient: The inverter is lightweight and incredibly efficient, offering record-breaking inverter efficiency for more energy production. Minimise energy losses from shading, leaves and soiling

Flexibility and Convenience: It features a single string design for inverters up to 5kW AC, allowing for faster, simpler installations with maximum design flexibility. It also supports Wi-Fi communications and rapid inverter commissioning via smartphone using SetApp.

Safety: Industry-leading safety features offering maximum protection of people and property. The inverter comes with SafeDC™ and arc fault protection, ensuring superior safety risks associated with electrocution and fire.

Compatibility: The inverter is compatible with SolarEdge EV Charger, SolarEdge Hot Water and SolarEdge Load Controller making it a solar battery-ready solution.

Warranty: Built to last and backed with a 12 year warranty.

SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter

Features & Benefits of the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter

The SolarEdge Home Hub inverter offers several advantages over traditional solar inverters, making it a compelling choice for residential solar installations. Here’s how it compares to traditional inverters:

Battery Ready Compatibility

Fully compatible with the Tesla Powerwall Battery and SolarEdge Energy Bank. We can supply and install either single or three phase inverters to ensure you have an ideal energy solution.

99% Efficiency

With 99% efficiency, deliver greater energy production over the system’s lifetime.

Improved Lifetime Performance

Designed and engineered with every component carefully selected.

12 year Warranty

Built to last and backed with a standard 12 year warranty.

Ultimate Safety

Industry-leading safety features offering maximum protection of people and property.

Increased System Capacity

With up to 300% DC oversizing and ability to connect up to three SolarEdge Home Batteries per inverter.

Expert solar panel system installation

The Solahart Greater Gippsland team have been operating for many years and helping property owners to expertly install solar hot water systems and solar panels. We can handle everything from the initial assessment, product combination selection and installation which can include the ability to expand your set up later.

We can also provide guidance on the latest solar rebates available from the Government & other ways you can save money on your energy bills.

Battery-ready solar power system

Solahart Solar Power Systems featuring the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter can be upgraded to include battery storage to increase the amount of power you can use from the sun.

They are compatible with the SolarEdge Energy Bank and Tesla Powerwall Batteries.

Learn more about battery storage systems on our website or get in touch today. We can assess which battery is best suited to your property during a free on-site solar assessment.

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